About Technical Images

Technical Images: ☁️ is an exhibition that lives in the omnipresent cloud.

The work in the exhibition is/was disseminated to the audience using iOS Airdrop and/or SMS text message. Using virtual reality, the manifestation of the cloud serves as the supplier of the content exhibited, online.

Technical Images: ☁️ is an online exhibition space curated, designed, organized, and programmed by faculty and students of the graduate seminar Media Futures at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Media Futures 2017: Allie Beck | Emily Breidenbach | Ricardo Cobian | Courtney E. Graham | Jing/in He | Yarima Elena Hernandez Perez | An Kong | Abi Louise Miller | Kaity O'Reilly | Kaity O'Reilly | Urooj Sha keel | Peng Song | John Curtis Thomure | Zeoy Wan | Catherine Jane Victoria White | Matt Mehlan, Faculty

Site Design & Coding by Holly Peterson. VR Gallery & Coding by Peng Song.